Ashes to Ashes: Three Benefits of Cremation in Harrison OH

When someone loses a loved one, they have to think about what they want to do to remember the person. Funerals can be pricey, but luckily there is another option – cremation. Cremation may be a better option for people who have less money to spend on remembering their loved one, who want to do something that’s better for the environment, or who want to have a special service performed. This article will discuss the three benefits of Cremation in Harrison OH.

Lower Cost

The average funeral costs $6,000. That includes a metal casket, but not the cemetery plot, grave marker or other costs such as flowers or obituaries. The average cost of a cremation is $1,650. That includes limited memorial services and a basic urn.

Flexible service options

The body starts to decompose immediately after death. That means if the family wants to have a service with the body present, , the service needs to take place as soon as possible after the person dies. The only thing they could do to preserve the body longer would be to have it embalmed.

Better for the environment

Traditional funerals usually involve using embalming fluid that’s made out of formaldehyde to preserve the deceased person. If the family decides not to hold a service before they cremate the deceased person, they won’t need to have their loved one embalmed. Also, burying someone involves digging up the ground to bury the casket or coffin. Cremating the deceased person may not involve any land use at all if the family chooses to keep the ashes in an urn in their home. Even if they decide to bury the ashes or place them in a columbarium, there’s less land needed for an urn than a metal casket.

These are the main advantages of Cremation in Harrison OH. When someone has died, their family needs to think about what they want to do to remember them, unless the deceased person has already decided what they want and made arrangements ahead of time. Cremation is a better option for people who might not have a lot of money, or who want to remember their loved one in a special way.

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