Cook and Entertain Outdoors with a Backyard Fire Pit

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding a fire pit to your backyard, chances are you’re in good company. Maybe you’ve been impressed by your neighbor’s pit, or you’ve been looking for a way to hold outdoor parties in colder weather. If you’re the kind of person that values getting multiple uses out of your tools and equipment, then installing a pit is a great idea. Here’s some things to think about when shopping for backyard fire pits in Dallas.

How Will You Use It?

The first question you must answer before going shopping is how you intend to use your fire pit. If you only want an attractive-looking setup that provides warmth, the more decorative varieties will do nicely. Of course, that doesn’t mean your pit can’t be both useful and attractive. However, if you think you’ll do any cooking over your fire, you’ll do much better with a medium or large pit that permits safe and access to the open flames. Smaller pits probably won’t work as well. In addition, fire pits in Dallas without screens that can easily be removed or that support your grilling or cooking equipment aren’t good choices for double duty, either.

Choose Your Location Carefully

Safety is one major concern you’ll need to pay attention to when selecting your fire pit. An optimal distance of 25 feet away from structures or buildings is preferred. Avoid placing under covered porches or low-hanging tree branches. Although portable backyard fire pits are available for use on wooden decks or patios, a location out in your yard affords you safer operation and ensures your home or desk won’t catch fire.

Location and intended use are important considerations when shopping for fire pits in Dallas. Those wanting to cook on their pits should select a medium or large version that allows easy access to the flames. Additionally, install in a safe location in the yard away from buildings, covered porches or low-hanging branches. Remembering these tips should help you evaluate products as you’re searching for the best fire pit for your home.

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