Thank You for Smoking

If you’ve never thought about a smoker before, now might be a good time. Smoking in a BBQ pit is one of the best ways to preserve meat and fish, but there’s so much more to smoking than that. But why not start at the start? Whether you’ve just bagged a deer or if you just got some fresh hog, a smoker is a fantastic option to turn that meat into all kinds of good things – jerky, sausages, and just good old fashioned smoked hunks of meat. Smoking releases something primal in all of us, adding a delicious layer of flavor already tasty meats of all types.

Did someone say fishing season? Smoked fish is something else, and not just salmon. You can smoke pretty much any fish you can catch, or buy, and make something delicious.

In fact, we’ve pretty much seen it all – vegetables, oysters, cheese, corn on the cob. Heck if you want to smoke tofu we won’t tell anybody. In fact, if you have a really good smoker, you’ll probably want to, because you’ll want to smoke absolutely everything in the store.

A lot of people don’t want to buy an electric smoker, or even a standalone unit, so it makes sense to think about getting a smoker with your backyard BBQ. There are a lot of units that combine the backyard BBQ with a smoker, which gives you a ton of power with respect to how you cook your meats.

By combining these two essential backyard cooking devices, the smoker barbeque pit is the sort of magic device for capturing the intense, primal flavors of fire – char, smoke, and slow, moist juicy meats. Take a look at some of the options that are out there and find the right one for you – because two great toys is better than one great toy.

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