Types of Work Performed by Alberta Pipeline Contractors

Pipeline contractors are an essential factor in the installation and maintenance of subsurface pipe networks that stretch across the country. The types of work performed range from residential jobs, such as septic tank conversion and installation of new systems, to municipal projects that involve laying miles of water, sewer, or utility pipes.

Alberta pipeline contractors can make use of multiple techniques when installing or repairing underground pipes. The size and composition of pipes varies according to the type of usage. For instance, pipes used to transport petroleum-based products are different than those used for sewer lines and storm water drainage systems; however, the installation process can be nearly identical.

Alberta pipeline contractors oversee the installation process from start to finish. Once design engineers provide a set of blueprints, contractors use subsurface utility engineering SUE to locate the depth and position of existing utility and pipe systems.

Locating existing pipes is vital to ensure that construction workers do not damage pipes during the installation process. The precise data provided by SUE helps contractors to minimize risks of workplace accidents and prevent the costly expense of having to relocate existing pipes or alter installation plans.

Once the position of previously installed pipes is determined, contractors begin preparing the worksite by removing trees, rocks, or debris that interferes with the construction process. The cleared land is then graded to provide trenching crews with a visual map. After trenches are dug, workers place pipe sections next to the trench where they are welded together.

A special epoxy coating is applied to welded joints to prevent leakage. Next, pipes are strategically placed into trenches where they undergo extensive testing to ensure structural integrity. Upon completion of testing, Alberta pipeline contractors backfill trenches and restore the jobsite to its original condition.

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