Brand Your Mobile Conference Apps For iPads

Any group or organization that is hosting a conference needs to consider how to get their own unique branding across to attendees. If you are using conference apps for iPad devices you have an amazing opportunity to promote your brand, organization or business on every page without taking anything away from the important information your attendees need to access.

There are a lot of different ways to brand or highlight your company, organization or agencies with mobile conference apps for iPad. It can start with the basics such as choosing background colors and images and then go to more advanced branding options such as logos and images that will always be positioned at the top of each screen. The customization can go even further when you bring in your destination and conference theme into the icons and overall appearance of the mobile event app.

Brand Integration

If you are hosting a conference or event, maximizing your business or organization exposure is simple. You can choose to upload a custom image or brand logo, perfect as a simple way to add your personal stamp to conference apps for iPad. This can be displayed in various places on the screen depending on your preference.

However, brand integration can also extend to your sponsors. You can still have your brand and your colors on each page, but you can also include the same for your sponsors. This is a great way to use conference apps for iPad to maximize your revenue and to encourage sponsorship.


Another branding or advertising and marketing option that you can offer to advertisers is the option to have exhibitors listed on the app itself. Exhibitors have the chance to include their logos, company description, links to websites and social media. This turns mobile conference apps for iPad into virtual advertising spaces that are much more effective and likely to be seen than old school flyer and brochures.

Making the decision to use mobile conference apps for iPad devices for both branding and marketing your own organization or company as the host as well as providing these services for exhibitors, sponsors and speakers is one you won’t regret. You will find that you get more interest in sponsorship as well as selling exhibitor space when you offer this feature.

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