Cultivating an Ever-Growing Industry with a Licensed Cannabis Database in Sacramento, CA

Cannabis is an ever-growing industry. As more states legalize marijuana-based products and science unearths more potential benefits of the chemicals within the plant, the sector is sure to continue expanding. Businesses looking to tap into various segments of the market will need access to a licensed Cannabis database in Sacramento CA in order to unlock their full potential. Certain products coming from distributors and manufacturers in the industry are gaining quite a bit of attention.

Vape Juice

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular. Some people use this option as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, whereas others simply enjoy the broader range of flavors and varieties available with vape pens and mods. Cannabis vape juice contains CBD oil. This oil is extracted by soaking the plant itself in an ethanol-based solvent and allowing the solvent to evaporate. Some varieties contain THC, but many focus on the non-psychoactive chemicals in the plant for their potential benefits.

Skin Care Products

CBD oil has been found to offer a wide range of health benefits when taken orally, but it can also generate a positive effect when applied topically. It’s now being added to a continually growing list of skin care products, including shampoos, soaps, moisturizers, bath bombs and salts, pore cleansers and lip gloss to name a few. These products can help reduce redness and inflammation, soothe aching muscles and provide a relaxing effect via aromatherapy.


Those listed in a licensed Cannabis database in Sacramento CA are seeing increasing demand for their products to be used in various drinks. Alcoholic beverages and cocktails have yet to become mainstream in most areas, but flavored waters infused with marijuana are spreading like wildfire. Coffees and sodas are also on the rise in areas where marijuana has been legalized. In states where it has yet to be legalized or at least decriminalized, hemp-infused beverages are appearing on certain store shelves.

No doubt, more cannabis-based products will emerge over the next several years, each one more interesting and innovative than the last. Those developing these upcoming must-haves will need reliable cannabis databases to help them find the right suppliers and retailers to foster the movement. Check out Domain for a complete selection of databases and other resources for members of the industry.

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