Improve Customer Service with Field Service Management Solutions

Most companies that rely on field workers also live and breathe based on the customer service they deliver. While hiring the right employees and offering topnotch service or products can go a long way toward earning trust and repeat business, communication is also critical. This is where the right field service management solutions platforms can really help one company get an edge over another.

Improving Customer Service

A simple app that works on a smartphone or other mobile device might not seem like it could up the customer service game, but it can. When the right programming is put to use in the front office and in the field, communications between all employees – and customers – can rise. Some of the benefits of a good app include:

* Job clocks and job scheduling – Keeping up with where field employees are and how their current tasks are coming along is critical for scheduling subsequent work. The right app makes this type of check in simple and can help managers easily schedule the day without error.

* Geolocation – Being able to track service vans and other vehicles and the people who drive them can also ease scheduling and help make deployment more logistically correct. This is where mobile field service management solutions can really shine.

* Quotes, invoices, customer history – Having an easy way for employees to get their hands on these documents while in the field can save trips to the office and provide a way to serve customers faster and more efficiently. The right app will make certain employees have the information they need to complete jobs right.

* En route notifications – Simply letting customers know when an employee is en route can make a big difference in customer service. A good app will do this by notifying the office. Some even offer the ability to notify the customer directly, giving the field worker the ability to open the lines of communication.

* Inventory tracking – Service and repair workers need to know the status of inventory to be able to communicate the proper expectations to customers. The right app makes keeping track of available parts simple.

Field service management solutions can go a long way toward improving customer service. Going mobile with this information ensures everyone is on the same page.

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