Reasons To Consider CASS Certified Software

Most businesses understand the benefit of computer-generated envelopes, cards, letters and package labels. These items make it easier for consumers to read them and makes it easier for the United States Postal Service to sort and send the items. However, it also takes a lot more time to handwrite the name and address, or write out an entire note or letter.

While you can do this on your own, for the most part, you will need to have software to help you, especially if you want to take advantage of discounts offered by the USPS.

What Are CASS Certified Programs?

CASS, or Coding Accuracy Support System, is a program created by the USPS. It matches street addresses and mailable addresses to fix any problems. It can also input the ZIP+4 codes to help speed everything up.

The program can also fix misspellings in names and addresses, as well as remove wrong spellings and input preferred spellings. The USPS has a specific way of doing things, and they want businesses and companies to do it their way to save time on both fronts.

How It Saves Time and Money

The program can save you time because you won’t think that the intended person received your information when they didn’t. While a simple misspelling, such as Haven instead of HVN may not be much of a problem, it could take longer for the USPS to sort that piece of mail and send it on its way.

Likewise, it will save the USPS time because everything will already be correct, and they won’t have to sort it manually.


Delivery Point Validation programs are also available though they are different than CASS certified programs. Many companies prefer to use both options. The DPV allows you to be sure that the address is deliverable. This means that the USPS will deliver mail to that location and that the location is properly spelled.


Many times, the USPS will provide discounts to companies who use bulk mailing systems, as long as they have a Coding Accuracy Support System in place. Because it saves you and the postal service time, they are willing to provide you with a discount to help you save money and continue using the programs. However, the discount may vary based on the type of mailing, so don’t rely heavily on discounts.

CASS certified software is available to help businesses by using correct and preferred spellings of addresses in the US. Anchor Computer Software offers this and many other options, so visit their website today.

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