Are You Ready For Ornate Belly Rings?

When women get their belly button pierced they are often disappointed with the choice of belly rings they have provided by the piercer. However, these designs are selected for a very important reason. Generally most piercers will use either a captive bead piercing or a barbell style. The exact choice of belly rings you have between those two will depend on several factors including the type of piercing you are getting.

The most common option for piercing is the vertical upper, followed by the reverse belly button where the inserted part of the ring is located on the bottom of the naval and not the top. There are other options as well, but these are the most common for those doing this for the first time.

Flat and Smooth

The key for piercers in choosing belly rings that are flatter and smoother is to avoid irritation, pulling, and the very real issue of tearing during the healing process. For most people a curved barbell that has two ends that can be removed is the very best option in initial belly jewelry. The size of your belly button will determine how long the belly ring will be and also the gauge or size around that the piercer will use.

You may be surprised to find the after insertion of belly rings healing can take up to 8 months or more depending on your body. Some people can heal in as fast as four months, especially if they follow all recommended soaking and rinsing procedures and take care not to change out the original belly ring to more ornate styles of belly rings.

Moving Up

Once your piercing is fully healed you can then move to more ornate styles of belly rings. You should be very careful to avoid wearing dangling or elaborate and ornate rings when you are wearing any restrictive type of clothing that sits on or above any part of the jewelry.

Clothing can easily snag the design element of the ornate type of belly rings and cause pain, irritation, tearing and the very real risk of infection. If you do what to wear those beautiful styles consider changing your ring just before you want to wear it unless you are enjoying day at the beach or wearing clothing that won’t cause any problems.

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