Avoiding Mistakes In A Divorce California Style

Divorces in California totaled 148,511 in 2003, with the serving of divorce papers in Los Angeles accounting for 38,811 of them. Figures have changed since then, rising and falling with economic times. In 2008, although statistics for the State of California are difficult to access, California rates were below the national average, with more women (9.9% than men (8.3%) seeking recourse through the courts.

For some of these individuals, the divorce papers presented little to no problems. To others, the issue was replete with difficulties. Some of these arose out of failing to fill in or provide the correct paperwork. Others simply did not understand the basics of California divorce law.

California Divorce Law Basics

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Long Beach, you are faced with two basic choices when it comes to divorce:

Summary dissolution: This applies to those who are in total accord about the divorce

Traditional dissolution: This is applicable if one of the couple disagrees on opting for a divorce

Once you decide on what type of divorce is applicable, you have to make sure you comply with all the state requirements. This is true for preparing and filing divorce papers in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

What NOT To Ignore

When it comes time to file the paperwork for a divorce, make sure you pay attention to the following. Failure to do so will result in further complications of what could have been a straight forward process:

Residency requirements: California law is quite specific on this point. One spouse must have lived in California for a minimum of six months and within the jurisdiction of the county clerk for filing of a minimum of three months.

Length of time married: For a summary dissolution of your marriage, you need to have been legally married for no more than five years. You must be without children (adopted, natural), and have neither shared property nor interest in same property. If you do not conform to this, you will need to consider applying for a traditional marriage dissolution

Divorce Papers: Make sure you have copies of all types of paperwork required to obtain a divorce. This includes financial fees covering every aspect of your economic situation

Financial Disclosure: Under California state law, you must provide your spouse with a copy of all income, expense and even debts.
Fees: Do not forget to pay the right fees

File: Make sure you file correctly and in the right County Clerk. The court for filing in Long Beach is the Long Beach Courthouse, part of Los Angeles County Superior Court. In Los Angeles, file your divorce papers with the Los Angeles County Clerk Office.

If you are careful to fill in all the right divorce papers, a Los Angeles or Long Beach divorce will proceed smoothly. If you ignore some aspects or simply forget to address the pertinent issues, you will undergo significant delays before your divorce is actually complete.


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