Why Do People Use Jiu Jitsu Patches

In the world of martial arts, most participants showcase their skills via their uniform. For instance, most forms of martial arts use colored belts to signify which level a participant is competing at. For jiu jitsu, many individuals use jiu jitsu patches as well. However, in many cases, these patches don’t necessarily mean accomplishments. In this sport, patches can mean just about anything.

Showcase Your School

If you are working with a school on your training, it is important to find out if you are required to use your school’s patch on your uniform. In many cases, you need to wear a large patch that designates your school on the back of your uniform. This can limit the number of patches of your own you can choose because of the limited locations in which you can attach the patches to your uniform for safety and functionality reasons.


Those who participate in jiu jitsu on a professional or semi-professional level may seek out sponsorships from companies to pay for the training and other expenses, including travel for competitions. For these individuals, wearing jiu jitsu patches that feature the company logo and name become a necessity. These patches should be prominently located. However, it is advised to keep these types of patches to a minimum to avoid looking like a walking billboard.

Give the Uniform Personality

Some participants love to give their plain uniform a personal touch. There are so many patches available, giving individuals the chance to personalize their uniform in any way they wish. However, if you wish to compete, it is essential to speak to your school and any other organization you will be working with to determine if your patches are allowed. In most cases, they will be allowed, but it is always best to be sure before you attach them to your uniform.

Jiu jitsu patches have numerous uses, giving individuals the chance to create the uniform they want. A school patch often becomes a necessity, depending on the school you choose. Other individuals choose to sell sponsorship space on their uniform for various reasons, requiring them to wear business logo patches. Finally, others choose patches to personalize their uniform in any way they wish. As long as you place these patches in the right place, you can create a fun uniform that tells a story about you.


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