The Garage Door Repair in Phoenixville Will Make Your Door Safer and Last Longer

A garage door is the heaviest moving part of your home. It weighs on average 400 pounds, and when it drops to the floor it will spare nothing that it hits. Every year people die from being struck by a garage door. This doesn’t have to happen nor do any of the 20,000 other injuries which happen every year. An annual inspection by a qualified garage door technician will find trouble spots which can be fixed before they do any damage. The Garage Door Repair in Phoenixville will have this technician.


The garage door tracks in which the door rollers move the door up and down must be securly mounted. This is an easy check to make and an easy repair when the problem is caught in time. The problem could be the door tracks are not in alignment and the rollers slide out of the track bringing the door with them. The track mountings may be loose resulting from age and vibrations.

The rollers may be old and make a lot of noise when rolling the door up and down. Replacing these with the new nylon rollers will fix this problem. Lubricating the brackets which hold the roller shafts will make the brackets and the rollers last longer and reduce the noise.

The motor which powers the garage door up and down needs lubrication every year with a special lubricant. This will make a quieter application and a longer lasting chain and motor.

The most dangerous part of the door mechanism is the torsion spring which can be seen mounted above the garage door when the door is in the closed position. This is a dangerous part, and in fact, it is the deadliest part of the door mechanism, and no one but a professional technician should attempt to repair it. The cables which run from the torsion spring down each side of the door tracks lift the door and allow it to close. The lift cables are held securely by the brackets at the bottom of the door tracks. Only a technician from Garage Door Repair in Phoenixville should make this repair.

The automatic reversing mechanism should be checked because this is the protection against the door closing on a dog or a child.

If these parts seem hard to adjust, it is time to look at a new garage door. Girard’s Garage Door Services can help you look at new doors.

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