A Quick Guide to Help You Appraise Your Valuable Coin in Chicago

You may have seen or heard about certain types of coins that can provide you with a quick financial solution to resolve some of your obligations. You are probably searching through buckets full of change to see if you have one of these rare and highly valuable coins but are unsure what to look for.

How to Get Started

Any seasoned coin collector will tell you that the first thing you should consider acquiring is the annual printed Official Blue Book, also known as the Handbook of United States Coins. As its name implies, it is a type of book that will provide guidance on the wholesale values of coins. You should also consider acquiring the Red Book, another authoritative annual publication that provides retail values of coins instead of wholesale values. These two publications can provide you with the answers to your how to know if a coin is worth big money questions.

What You Should Do After Discovering That You Have a Valuable Coin

So, you finally find a valuable coin after searching through endless piles of change. Now that you know the answer to your questions about how to know if a coin is worth big money, you are probably wondering what you should do next. The next step to take is to have your coin appraised by a professional coin grader.

Honest and Trustworthy

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