Learn More About The 3 Types of Roof Repair in Eugene

At some point, every home needs roof repair. Read on to learn more about the three types of roof repair in Eugene.

1. Shingle Replacement

Asphalt shingles become damaged in a few ways. They might break, fall off during a windstorm, or degrade, leaving asphalt granules on the ground or in the gutters. Replacing damaged shingles is important because they protect the home from moisture and UV radiation.

2. Tile Replacement

Some homes have tile roofs. Tiles are more durable than shingles, but that doesn’t mean they can’t crack or shatter. If this happens, call a roofer to replace the damaged tiles immediately.

3. Leak Repair

A leaky roof doesn’t do a home any good. Leaks usually begin in exposed areas where shingles, tiles, or flashing have gone missing. A leaky roof quickly becomes a roof that’s at a higher risk of developing mold and wood rot. These situations affect the home’s structural integrity and even lead to roof collapse. Don’t mess around with leaks. Get repairs right away!

How to Spot Signs of Roof Damage

Identifying roof damage isn’t always easy. Most problems can’t be seen by the naked eye from the ground. One must climb a ladder and walk the roof to find missing shingles or other issues.

Since roof damage can be hard to spot, it’s always a good idea to have the roof inspected once every 3 to 5 years and always after severe weather. For more information about roof repair in Eugene, contact Armadillo Roofing Inc. online at Armadilloroofinginc.com.