Protecting Your Smile in the Winter Is Key According to Chicago Dentists

Many Chicago area dentists claim that protecting your smile in the winter is an important measure to preserve your teeth and keep your pearly whites in the best of shape. You can find caring and top-notch dental care all year at a dental practice that provides expert family dental care in Lincoln Square.

Consider These Professional Dental Care Tips to Protect Your Smile During the Wintertime

Since Chicago gets plenty of cold, brisk air during the winter season, it helps to cover your mouth with a soft and warm scarf before venturing outdoors. Breathe through your mouth, drink extra water, and watch the types of food that you eat to keep your teeth in good repair. Wait about 30 minutes after eating before brushing. Keep your winter dental appointments too to help ensure that any dental troubles are caught early.

Wear a Protective Mouth Guard if Engaging in Outdoor Winter Activities & Sports

Ask your dentist about a mouth guard if planning to engage in rough outdoor activities like skiing, sledding, ice-skating, or hockey, among many other winter season activities. Increased tooth sensitivity during the colder months is common, and it can help to switch to sensitive toothpaste and gently brush using a softer bristle.

Stay Healthy & Change Your Toothbrush After Illnesses

These are just some examples of protecting your smile in the winter. Contact to schedule your next dental appointment and get great family dental care in Lincoln Square by contacting Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square.