A Brief Guide For Exercise Tolerance

Heart patients must undergo several tests to gauge their overall health. These tests are necessary to determine if the treatment chosen is adequate for the patient. The results of the test determine if changes are necessary to improve the patient’s health. The Exercise Tolerance test is among these critical tests to assess their progress.

What is an Exercise Tolerance Test?

The exercise tolerance test is used to gauge how the heart responds. The test requires the patient to enter into a stress-induced state through extensive exercise. How well the heart responds to its top performance levels determines if their condition has improved. The ability to walk and run after recovery from heart surgery or a heart attack defines the patient’s progress.

During the test, the patient is connected to an EKG to monitor their heart rate. The doctor asks the patient to step onto the treadmill to exercise. At first, the patient is asked to walk. Next, the doctor speeds up the treadmill to a brisk walk and later a run. This helps the doctor make assessments at different levels of activity.

Why are These Tests Performed?

The exact purpose of the test is to gauge circulation and the volume of oxygen flowing to the heart. During exercise, the heart needs adequate oxygen levels and proper circulation. Without them, the heart could become damaged and cause a cardiac episode.

What are the Risks of the Tests?

The most common risks associated with the exercise tolerance test are chest pain, collapsing, and fainting. More serious risks include heart attack and irregular heartbeat. This is why the test is conducted in a hospital setting in case emergency services are needed. This prevents the patient from facing dire circumstances in the event that these risks arise.

Heart patients are required to undergo a series of tests after a cardiac event. These tests determine the patient’s recovery progress. They also define whether or not the prescribed treatment is working. An exercise tolerance test is among the measures used to perform this assessment. Patients who need to undergo an Exercise Tolerance test should visit North American Emergency Medical Center to schedule an appointment today.

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