Aluminum Tubing Connectors – Useful Structures for Home, Work and Play

Aluminum tubing connectors are becoming increasingly popular in the industry over copper tubing. It is less expensive than copper, much lighter, and is just as reliable as copper if it is installed properly. One of the main reasons for the shift from copper to aluminum is due to the use in the automotive air conditioning systems industry. These connectors are ideal for manufacturing, installation, and service of refrigerated appliances, and various other applications.

Solder-free Tubing Connectors
There are solder-free tube connectors available that provide a permanent seal to ensure cost effective and efficient and connections between all universal metallic refrigeration tubing. Installing and repairing the connectors can be challenging to be able to with limited costs, time and expertise. With solder-free connectors, there’s no threading, no welding, and no bending. It saves labor, time and money. They are very strong and they can be used as permanent or temporary fittings. They are also completely adjustable so they can be built to fit any required space and can be expanded in height, width, and length.

These connectors made from aluminum are completely adaptable for pipe or tube structures of any type. They’re exceptionally strong, rust-proof, and do not require painting or maintenance. They can be used anywhere tubing combinations of copper, steel, and aluminum need to be joined.

There are many different types of aluminum tubing connectors. Some of the available types are as follows:

 * 2 way 90
 * 3 way 90
 * 4 way 90
 * 5 way 90
 * 2 way straight
 * 3 way tee
 * 4 way cross
 * 6 way
 * 3 way caster plug
 * 2 way adjustable
 * Tee flange
 * hexagon centers
 * hexagon tee crosses

Aluminum tubing connectors are 65% lighter than other types, such as steel and stainless-steel connectors for tubing. The connectors provide immediate fuel, freight, and cost savings on vehicle transfer. The trapezoidal shape seal provided by the connectors feature a good bond in the O-ring face-seal groove. This prevents pop out associated with O-rings and reduces the risk of leakage and seal damage.

Examples Uses

 * Aircraft Maintenance
 * House Frames
 * Carports
 * Scaffolding
 * Pool Ladders
 * Soccer Goals
 * Garden Structures
 * Carnival Booths
 * Animal Stalls
 * Awning Frames

The usefulness of tubing connectors is evident from the many applications to which these structural elements are applied.

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