4 Things to Consider in Brewery Equipment

There are few more important decisions you’ll make when starting a brewery than choosing the right equipment supplier. Your brewhouse is the engine of your business. It is the canvas on which your brewer creates. It is your most expensive physical asset. Nothing is more important.
There are a few things you need to consider when deciding on a brewery equipment supplier.

1) Reliability. If you’re in the business of making beer, it stands to reason that any point in time where you can’t make beer is not a good thing. Uptime matters, so you need to make sure that your brewery equipment is made to the highest standard, with the best materials.

2) Design. Gleaming Bavarian coppers are nice, but that’s not what you’re looking for in design. You need brewery equipment that fits your space. Think OSHA here. Your equipment has to be safe in the way it’s built, but also in the way it’s installed, so that when your brewers are in the midst of a 14-hour barley wine mash, everything works and everybody is safe.

3) Flexibility. One of the biggest challenges in brewing today is how fast the market changes. Yesterday the market wanted kettle sours, today it’s cloudy IPA. Tomorrow, could be pilsner. When you work with the right partner, you get equipment that can help you make the beer you want to make. Differences in equipment can impact on the mash, the primary and the secondary, so it’s important that you have equipment designed for the type of beer you want to make.

4) Trust. The craft beer boom has brought a lot of fly-by-night operators into the brewery equipment game. Some will stick around, others won’t. If you’re building your business to last, you’ll want a partner that will be there for you.

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