FAQs About a Personal Injury Claim in Hawaii

In Hawaii, victims of premise liabilities start claims against property owners to acquire compensation for their expenses. These cases often relate to building code violations and safety regulations. A local attorney provides answers to frequently asked questions about filing a personal injury claim in Hawaii for these events.

When Are Residential Property Owners at Fault for Injuries?

Residential property owners are at fault when they don’t manage hazardous conditions inside or around their properties. At any time a visitor sustains an injury due to these failures, the property owner is liable for all expenses connected to these injuries.

Can OSHA Regulations Apply to Areas in Which Visitors Are Admitted?

OSHA regulations apply to workers only. However, the regulations identify conditions that can lead to personal injuries. A commercial property owner must follow these regulations to keep their workers safe, and they must follow the regulations to mitigate risks for visitors as well. Any knowledge of hazardous conditions could deem the property owner liable for any injuries resulting from the hazard.

What Does Lawful Entry Mean in Premises Liability Cases?

Lawful entry means that the visitor has the owner’s permission to enter the property. However, certain utility workers, law enforcement, and other public servants have the legal right to enter the property in order to perform their jobs. Certain conditions could apply to public servants, such as they not being allowed to enter the interior of the property without permission. The only exception is law enforcement officers who have a warrant or are investigating a call.

Can Victims Face Criminal Charges?

Yes, the victim can face criminal charges if they entered the property unlawfully or if they were trespassing. If the hazardous conditions relate to a dog, the victim could face charges if they abuse or harm the dog prior to the event that caused their injuries.

In Hawaii, victims of premises liabilities must prove that the property owner failed to manage hazardous conditions. They must prove that the owner had previous knowledge of these conditions and didn’t remedy them. Victims of these events who want to start a personal injury claim in Hawaii can visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com right now.

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