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When most people think of fire suppression, what comes to mind is probably fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. While these two kinds of Fire Suppression Equipment in Waterloo IA are invaluable in both residential and commercial contexts, they simply aren’t enough to provide protection for larger commercial and industrial spaces. Read on to find out about a few kinds of more comprehensive fire suppression systems below.

Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Commercial kitchens are usually required by law to have a more extensive fire suppression system in place. Wet chemical kitchen fire suppression systems offer a reliable solution to ensure commercial kitchens are in full compliance with local fire codes and protect the safety of employees and property alike in the event a fire does occur.

Industrial Dry Chemical Suppression Systems

Businesses that make use of highly flammable materials such as paint, chemicals, and flammable liquids should employ a dry chemical suppression system. Designed by Amerex Industrial, one of the most highly regarded names in the industry, these systems offer a high level of protection at a reasonable cost. Keep in mind that just installing a dry chemical suppression system isn’t enough and that it’s important to keep these systems up to date and to schedule periodic inspections to ensure proper compliance with local fire safety laws.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

There are some circumstances when Fire Suppression Equipment in Waterloo IA needs to be tailored to the exact needs of an individual building or room. Areas like server rooms, record storage vaults, laboratories, museums, and CT/CAT scan and MRI control rooms often contain sensitive equipment, paper and tape records, and other materials that could be damaged by a conventional sprinkler system. In these circumstances, fire suppression systems can be tailor-designed to ensure code compliance and safety without risking damage to the contents of the building or room.

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No matter what type of commercial or industrial business is being conducted within a building, the employees, equipment, and documents required to run it must be protected adequately from fires. Browse the website to learn more about fire suppression systems and the other tools fire control specialists have at their disposal to ensure their clients’ properties are protected.

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