The Value Of ProFill Equipment In Your Brewery

With the changing demands for craft beers across the country, there is an increase in the number of small and craft breweries in all states. This is a great time to get into the industry with more consumer interest and define niche markets opening up in restaurants, taphouses, and bars in almost all locations, including big cities and smaller rural areas.

Finding the right equipment is essential for a startup brewery. No matter how good your idea for a new beer may be, if it cannot be made consistently and provide a quality product with every batch, it is going to be difficult to find a market. By using only the best brewery equipment, startup breweries may initially invest more in capital expenses, but the consistency and quality of their product create a positive return on investment over time.

This quality equipment needs to be considered throughout the brewhouse. It should start with the processing of the mash and go through the fermenting process, the carbonation process and then into the filling system.

Options to Consider

One of the top lines of filling systems used in craft breweries is the ProFill line of products. These include systems to fill bottles, cans, and kegs, allowing even a small brewery to be able to compete with larger breweries with regards to production levels and quality.

The ProFill system is designed to integrate with any brewhouse equipment. It is designed to operate to the production levels require, with different models available to match your volume requirements. With state-of-the-art filling technology, there is less waste and consistent presentation for bottles, cans, and kegs.

The ProFill is also recognized as a leader in low oxygen pickup in the process, retaining the quality of the brew even when stored for longer periods of time. With high levels of efficiency, automation, and user-friendly controls, this is a line of filling equipment well worth considering.