How to Find Railing Replacement Services in Hawaii

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

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In the past several years in Hawaii, there has been a growing concern about the condition of reinforced concrete structures. This has been foremost on the minds of property owners and building managers. Whether they own or operate a high-rise building, a single-story commercial structure or anything in between, these are all vulnerable to erosion caused by the effects of the harsh coastal conditions. This short guide will help those in need of purchasing Railing Replacement Services in Hawaii.

Find a Railing System That Will Last

Property owners are best served finding rails that are produced with powder coatings that are virtually corrosion proof. When customers are in the market for rails, they should only buy rails with a fluoropolymer powder coating system that has been approved by the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association.) This will ensure the product will stand up to the sun, salt and other elements it will be exposed to on an annual basis.

Ask if All Welding is Done On Site

Customers should insist on purchasing rails that have all posts, pickets, top caps and bottom pickets welded at the factory. By purchasing connections that are welded, this ensures a more rigid manufacturing result, but more importantly than that it will provide a much longer life span as opposed to interlock systems that are manually snapped together in the field. One of the first things to fail on aluminum guardrail systems is usually the connection, so making sure a welded system was used in production will significantly extend the life of any rail system.

Work With a Local Company

Each building in Hawaii has slightly different look to it. Property owners or contractors should find a Railing Replacement Services in Hawaii that will work in concert with them to provide the design flexibility necessary to complement the look of the structure. The ability to replicate an existing design takes away the arduous process of having to get design changes approved for replacement railing designs that are different. Visit the Website to see an example of a company with hundreds of different options to choose from pertaining to color, gloss, cap designs and mounts. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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