7 Uses for Wire Shelving in Your Warehouse

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Storage

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Industrial wire shelving is an extremely versatile storage solution. It is lightweight, hygienic, and easy to clean. You can also adjust it to suit many different space requirements.

Here are some areas and ways to use wire shelving to your advantage:

1. High flow items

Wire shelving is a more lightweight option than other warehouse storage structures such as pallet racking. However, any warehouse that stocks smaller items could find that wire shelving is their best option.

These smaller, easily accessible shelves can be well suited to a fast picking environment. Employees can see what is on each shelf and reach all items easily.

For a warehouse with a high flow rate, shallower shelves may not be an issue, as they could be restocked frequently.

2. Dry goods storage

Dry goods may not require cold storage. However, most experts recommend you keep them cool and dry. Wire shelving is open, allowing free flow of air. Ideally, your warehouse has an HVAC system to allow better control the temperature and humidity of the entire storage space.

The open mesh of the wire shelves also reduces the risk of collecting condensation. This improves storage standards for any dry goods.

3. Maximizing small spaces

If you did not design your warehouse yourself, you may find difficulty in using all the nooks and crannies. Older buildings tend to have these sorts of problems.

If you have an unusually shaped space in your warehouse, or a slightly smaller room you wish to use for storage, it can be difficult to install suitable racking.

Wire shelving may be the answer.

You can adjust wire shelving to fit all kinds of spaces. Because it can still store heavy items, it is an ideal option for smaller warehouse storage spaces. This allows you to maximize even smaller spaces throughout your facility.

4. Cold storage

The cold, humid environment of a cold storage room can present many challenges, including condensation and rust on your shelving. Wire shelving is the perfect solution to this. There are many types of wire shelving that have been designed for cold storage, with protective coating that prevents rust and slows the rate of deterioration due to climate.

Because cold storage is generally used for perishable products such as food or pharmaceuticals, wire shelving has a lot of benefits. You can coat wire shelves with an antimicrobial material for hygiene purposes. The wire mesh construction allows air to circulate and keep the products fresh.

The shelving is also very easy to clean.

5. Office storage

Many warehouses have an office onsite. Wire shelving has many office-based applications. For example, its ability to allow air flow means it is perfect for storing computer components.

At the same time, wire shelving is much more resilient than typical office storage. You do not have to limit its application to office use only and can store other items if you need to.

6. Storing chemicals

Chemicals can often present a storage issue, particularly if they are considered hazardous materials. While some containers may require specialized storage such as drum pallet racks or cabinets, wire shelving can be used for some chemical storage.

The open design of wire shelving allows you to read the labels on all chemical containers easily, which is an important safety feature. The wire can help with temperature control. It is also very easy to clean in the event of a spill.

For safety reasons, make sure to check that the chemicals you store are suited to the type of shelving you use.

7. Tools and parts

If you use tools or spare machinery parts in your warehouse, wire shelving can be a good place to store them. It allows quick access but will also keep your tools and parts out of the way.

Final Thoughts
Wire shelving is one of the most versatile types of shelving on the market. While it is not perfect for every type of warehouse operation, it has a great number of positive characteristics that makes wire shelving one of the go-to solutions for many companies.

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