3 Reasons Why Families Choose Cremation Services In Renton, Wa

Funeral planning is never easy and often has to be done at a time when decision making is the most difficult. However, many families now choose Cremation Services In Renton Wa as a way to simplify the process of making arrangements. Cremation also offers flexibility, is more earth friendly than burial and is an affordable choice.

Cremation is Simple and Flexible

Residents often opt for Cremation Services In Renton Wa when they want simple, dignified services. They are often honoring the wishes of family members who lived simply and did not want elaborate funerals. Many clients choose no fuss, direct cremation. They make arrangements with a provider, who picks up the deceased from the place of death and transports them to a crematorium. Families may be present or simply pick up the ashes. They can then hold services whenever and wherever they want, without rushing.

Cremation Is More Eco Friendly Than Burial

Some families choose cremation in order to avoid burying an embalmed body, casket and vault, which they feel can harm the earth. Over time even the most elaborate caskets and vaults can break down, leaving their elements to seep into the ground. Cemetery plots also take up valuable earth. Many families simply scatter cremains, which allows them to them to become part of nature without doing any harm. Even if ashes are interred in mausoleums or buried, they have no negative impact on the earth.

Cremation Is an Affordable Choice

Clients also choose cremation over traditional funerals because it is much more affordable. Even a basic funeral that includes embalming, visitation, services and burial can cost several thousand dollars, with the average being about $7,000. In comparison, a direct cremation costs less than $1,000. That covers all essential services. Families can choose to pay additional charges for things like extra copies of death certificates, expedited cremation and even DNA banking. Cremation providers also offer upgraded urns and memorial jewelry that can hold cremains.

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of cremations as families increasingly choose simple, dignified and affordable funerals. Cremation is also popular among those who want an option that is more earth friendly than using land to bury a casket.