Increase Energy Efficiency With Aluminum Storm Windows In Topeka, Kansas

Since not every owner of an older home can afford to replace the existing windows, there is another solution. Exterior renovation contractors such as Arrow Exteriors Inc. offer replacement windows, and they also offer Aluminum Storm Windows in Topeka Kansas. Aluminum storm windows help keep homes with older, single pane windows warmer in the winter and save on energy costs. Companies that offer windows may also supply new siding, doors, and other home improvement products.

The Importance Of Energy Efficient Windows

Whether a home’s windows are replaced with the new double or triple pane, energy-efficient windows, or good quality Aluminum Storm Windows in Topeka Kansas are added, the energy savings and added comfort are substantial. Windows that do a good job of keeping out cold air and keeping in warm air during the cold winters of Kansas are important. No one wants to hear loose windows rattling during winter storms or feel cold drafts coming from nearby windows. All that rattling and drafts add up to energy loss and higher heating bills.

Why Not Replace Old Siding And Old Windows

As long as financing must be found to replace old windows, why not get additional money to replace equally old and worn siding? Exterior Renovation contractors such as Arrow Exteriors also sell and install quality siding such as cement siding. This type of siding is very durable and fire resistant, as well as being attractive.

When the siding is being replaced at the same time as windows, it is easier to move or change the type or size of windows. The homeowner can decide where windows should be located to best suit the needs of the family. This may be in the same locations for most windows with just one or a few being moved.

Maybe a window in the kitchen or dining room could be changed to a french door to allow easy access to a new outdoor living area and deck. This would allow for more outdoor enjoyment for the family. A window in the living room could be enlarged to let more light in. An awkward window in the kitchen could be moved or eliminated to allow for more cabinets. All the changes would be hidden by the new siding. For more information, please visit us.