Types of Ratchet Tie Down Straps to Facilitate Heavy Lifts

When it comes to securing and lifting various types of items and cargo, ratchet tie down straps are a very important component of the equipment that carries out this work. These tie down straps benefit the process of lifting by enhancing the controllability and manageability of the lift in an effective manner. The effort involved to lift heavy items would be much more dangerous without the application of these straps.

Types of Straps
Various types of lifts require different straps to properly address the scenario at hand.

Some straps are designed to be used in situations that involve very heavy-duty items, such as the lifting of vehicles and large pieces of equipment. Other types of straps are more suited toward light-duty lifting, including the lifting of smaller and relatively lightweight furniture and other items.

The trucking industry utilizes some of the strongest ratchet tie down straps. For instance, very heavy cargo is transported by truckers across the nation continually and must be secured tightly during transport and at other times.

Having a solid anchor point for your lift is very important, and the hooks that are used with the straps help to accomplish this goal. When using ratchet tie down straps, they must be securely tightened to the object which is being secured or lifted. This can be done through the use of a ratchet or cam buckle. Failure to perform this tightening can result in very serious accidents.

Choosing the Right Strap
The following factors should be considered prior to selecting a particular strap to use:

 * The lifted object’s weight
 * Manner of tightening (winches, ratchets, cam buckles)
 * Type of hook
 * Extra protection required for the object

Various applications can utilize a ratchet tie down strap system. These straps can be used to secure large objects such as RVs, motorcycles, heavy furniture, and other large pieces of equipment. They can also secure other smaller items such as bags and surfboards during transport. Your particular application and the types of objects you need secured will dictate the type of strap you need.

It’s important to utilize the services of an experienced reliable ratchet tie down strap provider before deciding what straps to purchase for your application.

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