Does Your Child Need a Learning Disability Assessment?

It’s long been proven that children don’t all develop at exactly the same pace. Some pick up new skills much faster than average, while others need a bit more time to learn things. What do you do, however, if your child is noticeably delayed? How can you tell the difference between your child simply learning at a different pace and them having disordered learning? Keep reading to learn the various signs associated with learning disabilities, as well as when you should schedule your child for a learning disability assessment.

Late Speech

Most children begin learning to speak at around one year of age. While some children take a little longer, if your child hasn’t uttered a word by the 15 month mark, this generally presents cause for concern. The same goes for if your child is talking, but not at the same level as their peers. Take, for instance, a four-year-old who still only has the speaking capabilities of a two-year-old, or who doesn’t talk at all. A learning disability assessment can get to the root of this problem and begin to take steps to correct it.

Lack of Attention

It’s true that quite a few children are easily distracted. There are so many new and interesting things in the world for them to discover that it’s understandable for them to get preoccupied from time to time! However, if your child is constantly afloat within their own little world and can’t seem to pay attention to or remember anything you or their teacher tells them, you may want to schedule them a visit with a professional. This could point to a more serious problem.

Reading Difficulties

Some children take to reading more easily than others. However, if your child is past kindergarten age and struggles with reading—whether they get letters mixed up within words or grapple with linking phonetic sounds together—it may be in their best interest to see a specialist for a learning disability assessment.

To schedule your child for a learning disability assessment with a licensed specialist, contact Dr. Joshua Shifrin by calling 123-966-0309 or visiting his website. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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