3 Reasons To Buy Rawhide Alternatives For Puppies

Puppy owners want everything to be just right for the new additions to their family. They often spend a lot of time and money on buying the best in toys, bedding, and food for their puppy, but then simply choose to offer the first chew toy they find on in the pet store or in the pet section of the grocery store.

Most of the chews sold today are made from rawhide. To clear up any confusion, rawhide is not the same as the skin from beef cattle. Instead, it is just the thin inner layer of the hide. It is actually removed at a leather processing and tanning facility and, if not sold for the production of rawhide, it is considered a waste product.

Aside from the fact, there is extremely limited nutritional value in the use of rawhide; there are some very important considerations to choosing rawhide alternatives for puppies.

A Healthier Option

Choosing chews and bones made from baked pork skin provides a healthier option. These chews are 100% edible and do not leave a messy residue on the floor, carpet, and furniture.

Additionally, these are a healthy way to allow a puppy to enjoy their natural urge to chew. By providing just one of these rawhide alternatives for puppies a day, your pup will have a much healthier chewing experience.

A Safer Option

Rawhide chews have been recalled due to toxic chemicals, have been linked to digestive blockages and obstructions and also been found to cause a potential risk of choking in both puppies and dogs. The use of baked pork skin makes a safer option for puppies and dogs to enjoy.

A Preferred Option

Finally, pork skin rawhide alternatives for puppies are also great tasting. Dogs and puppies prefer them 9 to 1, and with the additional health and safety considerations, they are a great treat to provide to your weaned puppy.

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