Feel Good About Giving Your Pet No Rawhide Dog Chews

Most dogs love to chew. This is certainly the case for puppies, but many adult dogs enjoy gnawing on a bone or having a tasty dog chew as a special treat. Dog chews should not be confused with dog treats, with chews provided on a limited basis, typically not more than one per day.

In the past, all dog owners had to consider where potentially problematic products. Nylon and rubber chews are not appealing to many dogs, and they can be damaged to the point where dogs can swallow pieces of the material.

Rawhide dog chews are unsafe for dogs and can lead to digestive blockages, the risk of choking during chewing and even digestive upset for some dogs with sensitivities to the chemicals and ingredients. The better options and one any dog owner can feel good about providing are no rawhide dog chews.

Read the Label Carefully

Not all rawhide chews state specifically on the label and the branding they contain rawhide. However, a quick glance at the ingredients, which must be listed on the package, quickly allows the dog owner to identify what is in the product.

The best no rawhide dog chews make a point to clearly state this on the packaging and the label. This may be worded as no-rawhide or rawhide-free, and it is generally prominently displayed on the packaging.

High Digestibility and Great Ingredients

By choosing no rawhide dog chews, you are giving your weaned puppy through to your senior dog a healthy, nutritious chew. These products are made from baked pork skin, similar to pork rinds many people enjoy. They may also include real chicken, peanut butter, and milk, plus they have added vitamins and essential nutrients for health.

Digestibility of these rawhide-free dog chews is 99.9% after consumption. This eliminates the risk of blockages and digestive upsets, which makes them an ideal option for any dog.

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