Your Questions Answered About Concrete Driveways In Battle Creek

Concrete driveways are durable, cost effective and they’ll last for years. Homeowners also enjoy the low maintenance aspect of a concrete driveway.

Q.) How soon can I use my concrete driveway after it’s poured?

A.) To make sure that the concrete is set and to prevent damage to your newly poured driveway, it’s recommended that you don’t have any vehicle traffic on your driveway for at least two weeks.

Q.) What should the minimum thickness be of a concrete driveway?

A.) To keep your driveway stable enough for vehicle traffic, it should be a minimum of 4 inches thick. To increase its durability and weight bearing capacity by 50 percent, you can add one more inch of concrete. If only regular sized vehicles will be on the driveway, 4 inches is usually enough; however, if heavy vehicles, such as a trash truck, will ever be on your driveway, you should have the extra thickness poured.

Q.) What are some helpful tips for taking care of a concrete driveway?

A.) Ice and snow left on your driveway can cause it to peel or pit during the first year of having it poured. To help protect your driveway from theses winter elements, you can have a sealer applied to your driveway. Refrain from using salt on your concrete in the winter because this can damage the surface. If you need traction, sand is a good choice for driveways.

Q.) I’ve seen some concrete driveways that have cracks in them, does concrete always crack?

A.) The main reason for concrete cracks is due to the poor construction and design of the driveway. This could be due to the improper placement or failure of installing control joints, faulty preparation, pouring concrete that’s too wet or driving on the concrete before it has completely cured. After concrete dries, it shrinks, so the correct placement of expansion joints is important to keep cracks from forming as the concrete hardens. To make sure that your driveway is properly installed, you should hire an experienced company that specializes in pouring Concrete in Battle Creek.

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