What is a “class A” truck driver?

It is illegal to drive a commercial vehicle in the US and in many other countries without having passed the requirements and been granted a commercial drivers license (CDL). Rather than there being only a single category for a CDL, the licenses are sub divided into classes which restrict the driver to driving only certain vehicles. Although the standards may vary a little from one jurisdiction to another the Federal guideline says that a Class A driver can operate a combination vehicle which is a tractor and trailer with a weight that exceeds 26,000 pounds.

The major difference in the classes of commercial driving licenses is the weight limit applied to each. Any driver who has earned his or her Class A license can operate any vehicle he or she wishes to drive. These vehicles can have a GVW, gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds.

To become a class A driver the candidate must sit for various examinations and have specific physical abilities as well as being able to successfully pass a road test. The driver candidate must be able to read and write, operate the vehicle and be at least 21 years old if the travels will be interstate. The tests that the driver candidate is subjected to will demonstrate one’s ability to a very high degree on all the various procedures that must be fully understood and undertaken before getting behind the wheel of the vehicle as well as the rules of the road and the laws of the land. Without a full understanding the candidate will not be granted a class A license.

The first test that the prospective driver takes is general knowledge. This test focuses on those issues which must be second nature to any commercial driver; these include night driving skills, mountain driving skills and accident procedures. The driver must also prove that he is competent to operate a vehicle which has air brakes; he must prove that he has an understanding of air brakes and how they function as well as how to properly inspect them for road worthiness.

When the driver is still a student at the CDL training school he or she will be given a series of instructions and tests which will allow the driver to operate multiple units such as a tractor and trailer or a tractor with multiple trailers.

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