Installing a Concrete Patio In Minnesota

Concrete is a good material for patios because it is durable and low maintenance. Concrete contractors provide many services including driveways, slabs, sidewalks, steps, garages, handicap ramps and foundations. Residential and commercial customers can have new concrete poured or tear out and replacement services. It is durable and will last for years to come, but it can crack and deteriorate over time. Once it starts to crack, it should be torn out and replaced becomes a trip hazard. Much of that depends on the weather conditions where you live and the use of the concrete.

The type of quality Concrete Patio in Minnesota can vary greatly. It can be basic concrete starting at about $8.00 per square foot or be decorative at a price of $16.00 and above per square foot. Prices depend on materials and size of the patio. Decorative concrete comes in many finishes, patterns and colors. Also referred to as stamped color concrete, a colored pattern and/or finish is applied onto newly poured concrete and dries into the concrete as it sets. The result is sometimes extra slip resistant depending on the finish and adds a personal touch to your yard. You can also use stamped color concrete for sidewalks, walkways and matching steps. It will beautify your property while increasing its value.

If you wish to extend your patio and have the yard space, you can add a playground with a poured-in-place rubber floor. This process has many benefits. The contractor that puts in your Concrete Patio Minnesota, can also utilize this technique and material. It protects small children from injury while playing, it is clean and sanitary and drains quickly and efficiently. It is cost effective and backed by a 10year material guarantee. The poured-in-place rubber floor comes in a variety of colors. Garage Floor Coating of MN can fully explain the process and show you the color options.

Something to be aware of when deciding on decorative concrete or a rubber floor is that not all contractors do this well. Always ask to see a portfolio of completed work for specialty projects. If you don’t see a pattern or finish that suits you, it is okay to ask if they offer more choices or if they can recommend a contractor that has different patterns. This is an investment so make sure you are satisfied with the pattern or finish of stamped color concrete.

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