You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Trumbull CT

There are many reasons a dentist may decide to remove a patient’s wisdom teeth. Sometimes, these teeth are removed proactively and often because they are impacted, or there is not enough room for them to grow. Many individuals are nervous when they learn they need Wisdom Teeth Removal in Trumbull CT. This nervousness can be overcome when patients know what to expect from the process.

What to Expect From the Process

Before a patient has their procedure scheduled, the dentist will carefully examine the teeth and take X-rays. X-rays are vital for determining the size and location of the roots, which can sometimes be rather large and even twisted. Once the dentist knows the location of the teeth and their roots, the procedure can be scheduled for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Trumbull CT.

Wisdom teeth removal is typically carried out under local anesthetic, but sometimes, general anesthesia is used, especially if the patient will be having all of their wisdom teeth removed. No matter which type is used, individuals can rest assured they will not feel any pain as their teeth are being removed.

Depending on the size of the teeth, the dentist may need to remove the wisdom teeth in pieces. Removing the teeth in pieces often helps to ensure the process is carried out more safely, so damage does not occur to other teeth or the jawbone.

Once the teeth have been removed, the dentist will need to care for the socket. If the infection was in place, the socket might packed with medication and gauze. The socket may be left open to developing a natural clot or may be sutured in place, depending on the needs of the patient.

Schedule a Consultation

It is important patients who have had their wisdom teeth removed eat a soft foods diet for the first few days. Hard foods should be avoided since they could cause injury to the healing socket.

Those who are experiencing wisdom teeth problems need to schedule a consultation appointment to get started. Contact Us today if you would like to find out if you are a good candidate for wisdom tooth removal.

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