Worried Your Loved One Might Be Suffering from Drug Abuse? 3 Essential Questions

It’s difficult to confront the fact that your loved one might be suffering from a drug abuse problem. If you think your friend or family might be addicted but you aren’t fully certain, here are some of questions that could help you figure it out:

Is your loved one showing physical symptoms?

Some of these include injection marks or frequent nosebleeds, which is a result of snorting heroin. If your loved one is also starting to suffer from constant respiratory issues and problems, on the other hand, then that might be due to smoking heroin.

Is your loved one suffering from behavioral symptoms?

Heroin addiction is often accompanied with a number of behavioral changes. For instance, if your loved one used to love a hobby or activity and seems to have lost all interest in that, it’s possible that she’s now shifted and dedicated her focus to drug use. Frequent mood swings is another symptom of the condition, along with constricted pupils and poor memory and focus, says Drug Abuse. Also, if she’s been losing his appetite or starting to neglect school or work, all these are possible signs that your loved one is dealing with drug abuse.

What to do?

Finding a heroin addiction treatment program for your loved one must go on top of your to-do list. With the right program, she can start detox that much sooner. Don’t wait around until things get worse. The sooner you get your loved one to a heroin addiction treatment, the better her chances for a faster and safer recovery. The longer you wait, on the other hand, thinking your loved one must be ready before she takes that step, the harder and more dangerous it will be.

So be aware of the signs. If you start seeing any of these symptoms in your loved ones, stay strong and do your best to get her the medical help she needs.

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