Learn More About Backflow Prevention in Philadelphia

Every home in the state of Philadelphia is required to have a backflow prevention device installed. These devices prevent the backflow of raw sewage into the water pipes which can then enter the public waterworks. The state requires home and business owners to have working backflow prevention devices in place and in good working order. Failure to comply with this rule could result in the water being shut off. It is important to hire a plumber for Backflow Prevention in Philadelphia.

Backflow contamination often occurs because of back pressure and siphonage. When the potable water pipes increase in pressure, they can cause water to enter into the sewer pipes, creating a backflow of raw sewage into the potable water supply. This contaminates the water and becomes a danger to the community. This is why the state is cracking down on making sure all residents and business owners have prevention devices in place and have them inspected on a yearly basis.

Backflow can occur in many areas. While modern plumbing offers backflow prevention to a certain extent, this does not mean backflow will not occur. It is important homeowners understand the different types of devices for Backflow Prevention in Philadelphia.

     *     Atmospheric vacuum breakers are elbow-shaped devices that create a ninety-degree angle. These can be placed on PVC pipes and should be placed six inches from the downstream.

     *     Chemigation valves are often used in agricultural areas to prevent contamination from pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that are used in farming.

     *     Hydrostatic loops are created when pipes are laid in vertical form. To be effective, the pipes must be higher than thirty-three feet to create the loop.

     *     Double check valves are used with water sprinkler systems and can help to prevent contamination from ground run off.

     *     Reduced pressure zone devices are designed to take care of high-level hazards such as chemical contaminations. In most cities in the United States, these devices must be inspected yearly.

If you would like to learn more about reducing your risks for backflow, visit our website. They offer ASSE certified technicians to ensure all repairs, installations, and inspections are carried out precisely so a homeowner can rest assured their water supply is safe.

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