Must-have Elements of a dream kitchen

If you are looking for a kitchen designer in Pittsburgh, it’s important to consider all of the elements that go into a great kitchen.


Today’s kitchen designs are all about style, convenience and modern architecture. Your overall design should incorporate the modern family, making your kitchen a place to not only cook and eat but to play and entertain. Although you may have a formal dining area, guests tend to gravitate to the kitchen.


No matter what the size of your kitchen, you need plenty of storage space; thankfully, even the smallest of kitchens can have innovative storage, by using every inch of your kitchen. Think hanging pots from the ceiling, pull-out drawers and creative shelving.


Your kitchen needs to be laid out in such a way to make it easy to work. Prep work, cooking, clean-up and non-food space (for homework, etc.) Everything should be within easy reach. For example, you wouldn’t want your refrigerator at the other end of the room from your stove. Your table or eating area should have a place of its own away from the hustle and bustle of the room.

State-of-the-art appliances

Stainless steel remains a popular choice for appliances, but there are many other choices that can give your kitchen a sleek and modern look. Many people are now opting for ‘hidden’ appliances; for example, a covering for your fridge that matches your cupboards. Counter-top stoves, built-in ovens and microwaves and wine coolers can all add a touch of sophistication.

There is no need to get overwhelmed at the thought of remodeling your kitchen to make it perfect. Visit Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center for more information about how you can transform your kitchen by talking with a kitchen designer Pittsburgh specialist. They will help make great design choices that you’re sure to love.

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