Do You Use The Versatile DIY Kitchen Cabinets?

This sounds such a simple question; but, it opens up a wealth of options when subjected to closer examination. Each of these words can have different meanings to different people.


We all know that this acronym stands for “Do It Yourself”; but how much a person does for themselves is very dependent upon both that person’s abilities and time available to complete the job. A DIY wooden cabinet could be where the person obtains timber and saws it up into shapes and sizes from which they can construct a kitchen cabinet. For others, it might mean going to a store and purchasing a disassembled cabinet which they take home and reassemble themselves. There are even those who see the limit of DIY as selecting a cabinet, purchasing it and having someone else assemble it and fit it into their kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

At heart, a cabinet is not much more than a box that can be used as a cupboard of some sort – be it in the kitchen or anywhere else. “Things” can be stored within it; but, whether it is a practical; let alone a versatile, cabinet is beside the point.

Versatile Kitchen Cabinets

What this should mean is that a cupboard of this nature should have been designed and constructed for specific use and it should be capable of performing this function easily and efficiently. However, there is a proviso.

People rarely require a single cabinet in their kitchens. Multiple cabinets are required for different specific functions. For practical reasons (such as placing a worktop across the top of a row of cabinets) they should all be of the same exterior dimensions. For aesthetic reasons, they should all follow the same exterior design and color scheme.

What makes them truly practical and versatile kitchen cabinets is what is inside them. Interior shelving designed for storing specific items is essential – cutlery requires different storage arrangements from pots and pans; while canned goods storage will be different from both of these and so on. If a refrigerator or waste disposal bin is to be hidden away inside a cabinet; the interior will again be different.

When considering purchasing kitchen cabinets you start from the measurements of your kitchen and how to fit in the cabinets and then decide what the function of each cabinet is going to be. Then, you visit the showrooms (online or in the flesh) of a specialist store like Walter & Jackson and see which of their many designs meets your needs. From that point on; the choice of how much of a DIY element you want is entirely up to you.

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