Why Stylists Use Air Brush Make Up in Omaha, NE Salons

If you have visited a full-service beauty salon recently, you may have noticed that they offer to apply air brushed makeup. The reason why it is becoming increasingly common to provide Air brush make up in Omaha, NE salons is that it offers attractive benefits that include:

  • BETTER SKIN: Conventional makeup often dries skin, and can sit in creases. However, Air brush make up in Omaha, NE lets skin breathe, and keeps it moist. In addition, it provides a no-makeup, natural look.
  • A GREAT MATCH: When stylists at omaha’s hair choice apply air brush makeup, they use equipment that allows them to match their clients’ skin perfectly. The tools that provide this result include an air compressor, airbrush (stylus), and makeup. Operators may use a single-action airbrush, which produces a set mixture of makeup and air. They can also choose a dual-action model designed to let them regulate the mixture, and get just the effect they want. Only about 6-10 drops of makeup are needed to produce stunning results. Makeup may be oil or water based, and is often sprayed on in layers, until the desired effect is obtained. Airbrushing allows stylists to match customer skins tones exactly. Unlike conventional makeup, which is rubbed into skin, airbrushing results in a layer of makeup sitting on top, which is why it appears flawless. The process is ideal for applying foundation in a wide range of shades, as well as creating perfect blush, eyeshadow, contouring, and shading.
  • MAKEOVER MAGIC: omaha’s hair choice specialists can use airbrushing to make dramatic transformations in a very short time. Brides often request airbrushing, so that they can take advantage of its stunning HD effects. The process is popular among those who appear on TV, film, or video. It is also the ideal way to create a dazzling affect for special occasions, such as proms, anniversaries, and important social appearances.

Today salon clients often ask for air brushed makeup application when they want to to look flawless. Airbrushing provides a natural look, and can be customized, for quick and dramatic makeovers. It is also skin-friendly, and has no drying effects.

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