What To Expect When Getting Eyelash Extensions

One of the top beauty trends is to get eyelash extensions. It is a new and unique process that can help the eyelashes look long, curved, and beautiful without any makeup needed. It is a very popular process that can dramatically change each eyelash. This process can help the eyes look bigger and can create a beautiful look without the need to invest in mascara or eyelash curlers. It is very important to do plenty of homework in advance and completely understand what to expect during an initial eyelash extension appointment. It is vital to choose one of the best Beauty Salons Round Rock TX before moving forward with this beauty treatment.

The appointment can take several hours because the lash extensions are applied one by one. It will take time for each lash to be extended, darkened and to add volume. The overall goal for a beauty technician is to make all of the lashes look as natural as possible. It is important to arrive at the appointment without any eye makeup and to be very relaxed. It is also important to make a decision about a full set of eyes lash extensions or a partial set. A partial set is perfect for those who want a more subtle look and only want the extensions applied on the outer corners of the eye. Browse here to know more.

The entire finished look will last about 4 to 6 weeks. The natural lashes will begin to grow and the extensions will shed naturally. It can be very helpful to schedule an appointment every 2 to 3 weeks to reapply the lashes as they grow out. It is important to avoid using mascara as much as possible. An oil-free eye makeup remover should be used to help keep the extensions clean. An eyelash curler will no longer be needed because the extensions will curl on their own. It is important to wait about 24 hours before getting the lashes wet after they have been applied.

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