Things to Consider Before Visiting Eyelash Extensions Salons in Oahu

Women who want long, full eyelashes sometimes go to great extremes to get them. This could include fake eyelashes, using eyelash curlers or mascara, or getting eyelash extensions. However, there are both pros and cons associated with going to Eyelash Extensions Salons in Oahu to enhance your natural lashes.

It’s Quite Time-Consuming

While it doesn’t take too long for most women to apply mascara or a set of fake eyelashes, getting eyelash extensions can take more than two hours. Be prepared to sit still for that long with your eyes closed if you decide on getting this procedure. Even after the extensions are in, your morning routine will be a bit longer. There is a significant amount of upkeep and care needed, including using a special cleanser on the extensions and a mini blow dryer to dry them after they get wet. Every four weeks or so you’ll need to go back for a touch-up to maintain the look.

They Can Look Nice

Don’t expect everyone to notice the new lashes, but they will be fuller, and possibly longer, depending on which type of lashes you choose. They will look somewhat natural, but may also seem somewhat fake because they’re so much thicker and longer than natural lashes typically are.

There Can Be Issues With the Glue

Eyelash Extensions Salons in Oahu will use one of a number of available glues. If the glue starts to irritate your eyes in any way during the process, be sure to speak up so they can switch to one meant for sensitive individuals, as some people are allergic to components found in some of the glues used. Once the extensions are applied, don’t get them wet for 24 hours or it could make the glue not stick as well. Also, some products, including mascara and oil-based eye products, aren’t good to use with these extensions and may cause them to fall out more quickly.

Won’t Harm Natural Lashes

When applied properly, eyelash extensions don’t harm the natural lashes at all, but you may cause damage if you pull out the extensions attached to natural lashes.

If you’re interested in getting these extensions, you can read the full info here.

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