Lash Stylist Round Rock TX for Beauty Enhancement

It’s not news that women have been adorning themselves since ancient times to create a more pleasing persona for the onlooker, and to enhance their own vision of themselves. Whether the focus was on the eyebrows, the eye makeup of the time or even the eyelashes, each era had its own trends and fashions. Most women of every age and era have participated in refining their physical appearances. The history of beauty trends can be traced back through the more primitive photos and films of yesteryear minus the current software tweaking, up to the current time of retouched, photo-shopped versions of the perfect face. Today’s advancements can completely transform a woman’s face from homely to knock-out gorgeous with a pluck here, a darkened line there, and a lash fill-in over here. The beauty industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry that’s expected to increase over time with even more advanced techniques, and with an accompanied huge rise in revenue as well.

During the ancient Egyptian era, Cleopatra was one of the first trend starters who wore heavily darkened eyes that were emulated back then and even now. In the early 1900’s for an epic film, the actress, Seena Owen was adorned with extra long eyelashes by her director and former wig maker, D.W. Griffith. That trend developed further and was passed down through several landmark decades like the 30’s, 50’s and in the 60’s with fashion model, Twiggy as the mascot for the long-lash look.

Each decade’s look corresponded with the current events of the day and conveyed the advancements of the culture. Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar in Round Rock TX offers the latest trends to transform your current look into the current beauty craze. If you need a Lash Stylist Round Rock TX is the area to venture to. Whether its tinting, threading, brow or eyelash extensions, your search for beauty enhancement and a Lash Stylist Round Rock TX is well worth the drive.

The beauty industry is here to stay as long as there are women who desire to enhance what mother-nature put into place. Their palate holds the potential for phenomenal good looks with the current fashion and standards available for beautifying themselves. Locating a Lash Stylist Round Rock TX will jump-start the good looks that are inherent within every woman and uphold the vision she carries about herself with today’s trends and artistry techniques. Visit website for more information.

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