Why Paper and Document Shredding Is So Important

Identity theft is a major problem throughout the United States. The damages caused by these crimes are in the billions. Most criminals get the tools they need for these crimes by stealing documents and personal information. If you own a business that handles confidential information, Paper and Document Shredding should be a top priority.

For starters, destroying documents with personal information is the best way to protect your identity. Criminals can commit fraud by stealing names, phone numbers, addresses and so forth. They’ll look through dumpsters and garbage bins just to find this information. Trash you thought was safe might be in jeopardy. Protect your trash and your documents by shredding them before you throw them away.

By simply throwing whole documents away, you might be breaking the law. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) demands that all businesses properly dispose of any personal information that’s no longer needed. The preferred method of disposal is shredding. If you fail to properly dispose of the personal data of your customers, you could be held liable for any damages sustained.

Paper and Document Shredding also saves time and space. No one wants to spend time ripping and tearing hundreds of thousands of documents. Plus, stacks of unneeded documents take up a lot of space around the office. However, a decent shredder can eliminate all of this hassle. A powerful shredder can help to destroy hundreds of documents in a matter of minutes.

If you’d rather not destroy these documents on your own, there are professional businesses that are willing to assist you. These document destroying services will allow you to drop off your documents for shredding. You can also have these services stop by and they’ll pick up your documents for you. You can use these services as often as you would like.

If your business requires you to handle sensitive information, it’s important you handle such information responsibly. Properly destroying personal data can prevent identity thieves from stealing it. Most cities have strict laws that require businesses to destroy personal documents when getting rid of them. You can hire a document shredding service to get rid of your documents if you’re not able to do so. Contact us today.

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