Home Damaged in a Fire? Hire Specialists in Fire Damage Repair in Wichita to Fix It

Being in a fire is a terrifying experience. As the loud fire alarm sounds, parents struggle to get children and pets safely out of the home. After the fire, the family has to deal with the trauma of losing many possessions and seeing parts of their home damaged by the fire. Companies that perform fire damage repair in Wichita understand the emotional trauma that fire can cause. They treat their customers with compassion as they arrive to clean up the home. Trained technicians quickly assess the fire damage and evaluate the water damage caused by fighting the fire.

Technicians move through the affected area and determine which items can be saved and which have to be thrown out. The intense heat of a fire starts chemical processes that can continue for several hours after the fire is out. These will eventually ruin affected items. Experts know how to focus on what can be saved. Large heaters are brought in to dry out walls, floors, carpeting, upholstery and drapes. This prevents mold and mildew from setting in.

A fire produces intense odors throughout the home. Removing all charred and burned items helps reduce them immediately. Contractors then remove any drywall and flooring that can’t be saved. Once all the surfaces in the home have been dried, these can be deodorized. The remediation team includes contractors who replace and repaint walls and floorboards. During a fire, smoke seeps into all areas of a home. This includes the heating and air conditioning system. Certified fire remediation technicians will clean these out to prevent recirculating the smell of smoke throughout the home.

Companies that perform fire damage repair in Wichita coordinate effectively with insurance companies. It’s important to begin fire and water remediation as soon as it is safe to enter the home. The insurance adjuster will often be there to walk through the home with the technicians. This assures everyone understands what tasks need to be done and how much it will cost to complete the various tasks. The fire damage remediation company will bill the insurance company directly for the homeowner’s convenience. People can visit IneedACT.com to learn more about these services.

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