Substance Abuse: Signs, Symptoms and Getting Help

Substance abuse can be a difficult thing to deal with both for the abuser and those around them. While different drugs can have different types of effects physically and mentally, the symptoms of substance abuse are all pretty similar. Below we will discuss common signs as well as symptoms of substance abuse. If you feel you or someone you know is dealing with an addiction, consider seeking out substance abuse help.

Symptoms and Signs of Drug Abuse

* The user begins neglecting their responsibilities regarding things like home, school and work. Examples would be failing classes, not going to work and not caring for their children.
* Using drugs is putting the abuser in dangerous situations such as driving under the influence, engaging in unprotected sex or using dirty needles.
* The user is getting into trouble with the law such as a DUI, stealing or disorderly conduct.
* The user is causing drama and problems within their relationships such as losing friends or fighting with loved ones.

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance or drug abuse, it can be hard going it alone. Many users will convince themselves it is just one more time, just one more pill, just one last time. Substance abuse help is available and can offer comfort, support, medical assistance and a foundation to rebuild their life.

What to Do If You Think a Family Member or Friend Has a Drug Problem

If you know someone is struggling with drug abuse issues, speak up about it. Address these concerns to them, but don’t do it in a judgmental way. Approach them with concern and make sure they can trust you. Don’t wait until they have hit rock bottom to talk about it, however, be prepared if they are in denial or have a long string of excuses.

Although it can be painful to watch someone you love suffering from substance abuse, don’t get so wrapped up in their addiction that you forget to take care of

yourself. Make sure you have support as well as others to talk to about your feelings and never put yourself in a dangerous situation like following them into a drug house.

Things You Don’t Want To Do

While it can be tempting, don’t do the following things when you are trying to help a loved one suffering with substance abuse.

* Don’t bribe, threaten, preach to or punish the abuser.
* Avoid trying to appeal to them emotionally. These dramatic emotional pleas, while they may come with good intentions, can cause an increased feeling of guilt for the user which can lead them to use again to dull the guilt or pain.
* Don’t shield them from any negative consequences due to their behavior.
* Don’t throw away or hide their drugs. Doing so can cause them to not trust you.
* Don’t do drugs with the abuser just to get closer to them.
* Don’t argue with them when they are using drugs.

If someone you know is suffering from drug abuse, encourage them to get substance abuse help. If Visit vantage Point today for more information on getting them the substance abuse help they need to deal with their addiction and the underlying issues which caused the problem in the first place.

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