Why Does my Tooth Hurt and How Can I Fix It?

Are you suffering from tooth pain? Are you gums very sensitive while brushing your teeth? There are many factors could play into your tooth pain. Whether it is the result of the loss of enamel, normal wear, tooth decay, or the recession of your gums, there are solutions to these problems.

Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitivity just the simplest actions such as chewing or drinking can be painful. Desensitizers can help you during the times that your mouth is extra sensitive. Even toothpaste with desensitizers can be enough to fix your problem.

Recession of Gums

A gum graft can be performed to improve your gum recession. This helps to rejuvenate your gums and restore them to healthy levels.

Loss of Enamel

Eating many acidic foods or drinks can be the cause of enamel loss. Sometimes brushing too hard can also be a factor in losing enamel on your teeth. This causes the inner surface of your tooth to be exposed. This can cause sensitivity. Desensitizers such as over-the-counter products and toothpaste can help.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can be extremely painful and may need quick attention from a dentist. An unhealthy diet or slacking on your dental hygiene can factor into tooth decay. It is important to care for your teeth, brushing and flossing them regularly as to prevent tooth decay. Root canal therapy in New York may be necessary if you do experience severe tooth decay.

Wisdom Teeth

Not all people receive wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth are growing beneath your gums but never break through, they are considered impacted. This can cause shifting of your teeth as room within your mouth can become very tight. Often, oral surgery needs to be performed so that these impacted teeth can be removed to make room.

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