Strategies To Avoid Construction Accidents In Holland, MI

In Michigan, construction zones present major risks to local citizens as well as workers. Laws that apply to these work zones are in place to lower the chances of construction-related injuries. The construction company and their foreman must follow these laws to mitigate the risk of injuries. A local attorney provides legal representation for individuals who are injured in Construction Accidents in Holland MI.

Signs Around the Construction Zone

The laws require the company to set up signs around the construction zone. They must also be placed in areas that lead to the construction zone. This presents the local residents of the area fair warning of the construction zone. The letters on the signs must measure at least ten inches to increase the visibility of them from a greater distance.

Building Barriers Around the Construction Area

The construction company must build barriers around the construction area. The barriers must prevent unauthorized access to the construction area. They must provide adequate security to prevent local residents from entering into this area and sustaining injuries. The foreman must present security detail to monitor the barriers to stop unauthorized individuals from increasing risks.

Mitigating Ongoing Work Space Risks

The foreman is responsible for mitigating ongoing work space risks. They must continue to ensure that the area is debris-free. They must assess conditions that could lead to a worker-related injury. This includes managing tools and ensuring that they are safe to use. For more information, to.

Warning the Public About the Use of Explosives

Demolition services are often conducted with explosives. Before the services start, the construction company must warn the public. Typically, a public notice is published in the local newspaper to inform local residents about the upcoming project. This lowers the chances of residents traveling through the area during the demolition project.

In Michigan, construction zones increase the potential for risks and injuries. Typically, a construction company manages the projects and must follow federal safety regulations. These regulations are in place to lower the odds of serious injuries involving workers or local residents. Victims of Construction Accidents in Holland MI contact if for more information now.

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