White Ideal Backdrop for Upper West Side Apartments

Apartments Upper West Side residents are discovering provide a mixture of the sophistication of cosmopolitan living with the classic details memorialized in refurbished architecture of the past. The best way to maintain and highlight the beauty is to use white to create the perfect backdrop for your Upper West Side abode.

White and Natural Light

When apartment living features the luxury of natural light white becomes soft and even warm when chosen in the right tone. Large windows provide both stunning views as well as cast interesting shadows throughout the day. The night skyline is the only art you need on wide walls of windows with simple drapes or blinds for window coverings when privacy is required.

Living Large

In loft style interiors where walls and space are wide or tall, large art provides focus and color against white walls. You can elect to seek out art that speaks to you and color be damned, or you can seek art that provides color in a scheme secondary to your white walls. Art in muted colors maintains the neutral feeling of a home whereas more vibrant colors will develop a color story. Regardless of color, size should be matched floor to ceiling or wall to wall, or when placed above a sofa or dining area just short of the width of the furniture.

Clustered and Cloistered

Large spaces can become tiresome when not used wisely. Creating clusters by adding built in shelves from floor to ceiling, tall and narrow allows you to create interesting clusters of books and “accessories”. Avoid small, meaningless items. Instead select large, prominent items such as sculptures and vases to dominate the selves instead of get lost on them and look busy in groups. Cloistering niches for unexpected seating such as the end of a long hall or a corner off of the foyer create secret spaces to rest or simply add intrigue.

Lovely Lean

Instead of hanging, try leaning. Leaning large mirrors has been used by interior designers for the past two decades and it still works well for large paintings as well. However, taking groupings of different sizes of framed black and white photos and leaning them in an interesting group can be especially effective when placed on the sills of large oversized windows. Look for (or add) narrow ledges in your refurbished Apartments Upper West Side walls and use them as an art shelf.


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