Choosing the best small luxury hotel

Many travelers much prefer to stay in small luxury hotels in Manhattan because of the features and amenities that are offered over large chain hotels. Many of these small hotels are centrally located but finding them can be a bit daunting as they are usually off the main streets and quite discrete in their signage and other advertising. When evaluating the various options the wise traveler looks at location, amenities and price. The age of the property and the level of overall luxury can also weigh on the decision.

For many travelers price is a consideration. The prices in small luxury hotels in Manhattan can vary considerably, a lot has to do with occupancy rates on the day and the season. If you find the ideal little hotel and it is a bit over your budget you will be wise to alter you’re other priorities to allow for the slightly higher cost. A hotel that offers the finest in service as well as an ideal location which is convenient but quiet is well worth it. The choice of a hotel is often one made on value and not necessarily price.

The amenities that are offered by any hotel are important when making your choice for accommodations, this is doubly important when looking at small luxury hotels. These hotels are usually much smaller and quieter than chain hotels and if you are on business and you want respite from the activities of children you may find the smaller hotel much more to your liking. There is a time and place for everything, a family friendly hotel is important when you’re on vacation but not necessarily the case when you wish to focus on the business aspects.

Because of the level of luxury that these smaller hotels afford, you will no doubt enjoy your stay more. Although luxury and the overall ambiance have an effect on price, the appropriate level of luxury will provide you with the level of comfort you desire. Finding a hotel that provides exactly the level of luxury you want may take a little time but once you have found it, no doubt your stay will be more productive. As many people are habitual travelers to New York, once they find the perfect small luxury hotel, they will continue to stay trip after trip.

One of the small luxury hotels in Manhattan that you should certainly consider is the newly opened Viana Hotel and Spa. This elegant small hotel offers the finest in guest rooms and suites, a full service salon, fitness center, indoor pool and fine dining.