There Are Different Carpet Cleaning Services Available

Fact; carpets get dirty. The amount of dirt and grime depends on the amount of foot traffic that the carpet or the area rugs are subjected to, whether there are children in the family and whether pets are allowed in the house. The method used to clean the carpet is dependent on these issues as well as taking into account anyone living in the house that may have allergies.

Carpet cleaning in Charleston SC will take into account the material that the carpet is made from. As most home owners know little about the construction of the carpets in their home, it is highly recommended that professional cleaners be brought in rather than attempt the job as a DIY project. Professional carpet cleaners have a various ways that they can use to clean your carpets; shampooing, foam and dry cleaning, stem cleaning and bonnet cleaning. All of these methods are used depending on the situation, the one common denominator is that the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed and spot cleaned prior to the task.

It is thought that the least effective method of carpet cleaning in Charleston SC is shampooing. When the carpets are shampooed, a detergent is applied to the surface and agitated by a carpet cleaning device. Once the agitation is complete, the residue is collected by a vacuum. As the detergents that are used contain chemicals that brighten and deodorize the carpet, the results look good but much of the dirt and bacteria is still in the carpet. In short order the carpet returns to its original dirty appearance.

Dry cleaning is an ideal method to employ as there is no drying time involved. Dry cleaning uses a special powder which is spread over the carpet and worked in. This agent acts like a dirt magnet and once combined with the dirt makes remove easy by vacuuming.

Steam cleaning is the method most often used by professional services. Professional carpet cleaners have powerful machines, often kept aboard special trucks which are parked outside the home. There are two hoses that are attached to a wand, one hose delivers and injects a solution deep into the carpet; the other hose is attached to a powerful vacuum located on the vehicle. When completed the carpets are truly clean, fresh and free from microbes.

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