Where to Sell Your Coins

When it comes time to sell coins, there are several ways to sell them. However, before trying to find a way to sell them, the most important thing is finding a true value of the coins.

Once your coins have been given a true value it is time to find the best Chicago coin buyer to purchase your coins. Those buyers can come in three forms – coin shop, auction, or online marketplace

Coin Shop

Remember, coins sold to a Chicago coin buyer is sold at less than their value because the coin shop is going to resell them and must make a profit otherwise they would not be in business. Therefore, if you decide to sell your coins to a coin shop, you need to know how much of a discount to expect. Usually coin shops will offer between 70% and 80% of the value of the coin. They explain why they are offering that and it is up to you to decide if that is fair or not.

Physical Auction

Auction houses are often times interested in listing coins. If you have a large collection that they consider valuable, then they can list them. While the coins sell for more at auction than with a coin shop, the auction either charges a flat fee or a percentage of the overall sale value for your coins or coin collection.

Online Marketplace

When placing coins on at online marketplace, patience is often needed. The coins might not sell quickly, but often times are eventually purchased by another collector and the prices might be higher than at an auction or with a coin shop. However, the coins could take a long period of time to sell.

The coin shop option is the safest and quickest. While the coin shop could be a virtual location or a physical location, it does not give you full price, but that needs to be weighed against the length of time using the other two methods.

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